Why Are Premier League Favorites Risky Bets?

Once upon a time in the 'good old days' of the last couple of seasons, betting on the 'big four' in the Premier League was normally a fairly safe bet. With teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City firmly and consistently leading the pack, the gap between them and the other teams was pretty apparently.


Unfortunately for many sports bettors who have opted to go with the 'safe' option of betting on these teams, this season has been more of a roller coaster ride. With Manchester United having a new manager at the reigns and decidedly under performing, and Manchester City also suffering from a poor start – there have already been quite a few upsets.


Add to that the miraculous form of Southampton that has somehow managed to position itself at third as Christmas approaches, as well as the resurgent form of Liverpool and it is safe to say that the 'favorites' aren't a safe bet to say the least.


The problem is that with big clubs that have huge fan bases such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and so on – the odds are often skewed in their favor regardless simply because of the sheer amount of people who bet on them because of who they are. In the current situation where these clubs are under performing however, the odds might not be worth taking at all.


On the other hand, it may be worth considering a bet against favorite teams if the team they are up against is performing consistently but the odds are worthwhile simply because of the 'popularity' of the favorite.


Make no mistake, there is significant risk involved – but that means a good potential for profit too. All you need to do is find good odds at Unibet or other such websites.