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An important issue about casinos and gambling is certainly the type of clothing that is worn, for example, to play roulette. Players must be aware of this: Nearly every casino takes great care in a neat appearance. Who wants to enter a casino in Germany or Austria, and not dressed appropriately appears to be in some cases not only granted the inlet.

In these situations, it plays no role in how much money that player has or wants to spend in the casino. In Switzerland, however, apply rather more lenient dress code. Cases in which the players were refused entry there are extremely rare.

Prescribed for men with clothing belongs in Germany, for example, the wearing of a jacket or suit. The obligatory tie or bow tie on the collar of the shirt should not be missing. Goes without saying that neither sport nor work shoes may be worn.

Headgear swatches apply as jeans pants is frowned upon. Women also need to be careful when it comes to clothing in casinos playing roulette that her outfit is not seen as too sporty - in these situations, you also threatens to dismiss on the front door.

Also on wearing the latest fashion trends should not be in doubt. Leger held outfits - for example in the cargo-style pants or leggings - are accepted at most in some of the so-called "cure-casinos".

The reaction of a casino at the wrong casino clothing can sometimes be quite dramatic way: from a temporary closure to a long-term applicable banned everything is possible. The decision on the sole discretion of the management of the casino - a justification to the player is not required. As a general tip clothing can hold not only for the roulette play accordingly: The stylish evening wear is as Casino clothing always preferable for a sporty look.