Keno Online

The Keno is a casino game and is played like bingo. In Keno you can bet your bets and decide for yourself. Keno in a casino belongs to the casino games with the best odds and the biggest jackpots. The Keno is a very relaxed casino game which you incidentally, while you can enjoy playing on other tables. Here you can buy you your keno ticket at any desired time, and also pick up your winnings at any time.

The biggest incentive offers a Keno game in a casino, the big jackpots you can win here. The profits can be up to 2 million high and only 1 euro per ticket. So what are you waiting for, you also take part in a Keno game in the casino and take home these great odds. More and more online casinos offer the keno game. The Keno is one of the best casino games no matter if you play it in a real casino or online.

The Keno is a very simple casino game. All you have to do is you to buy a Keno ticket. This can earn you a keno ticket keno switch in the casino. Then it is to select a few numbers that you mark on the Keno ticket.

Have you done this you can use the Keno ticket together with your make wagers at the casino keno switch. Now you can sit back and wait for the earnings results. The earnings results for the Keno regularly, throughout the day on large monitors in the casinos distributed disclosed.

Do you play Keno online is running the game on the same principle as in a real casino, except that you earn your online keno ticket and the waiting times are not as long here. Here we have once summarized five basic rules for Keno game in a casino. In Keno you can set between 1 and 20 numbers. Your odds of winning in keno rise, highlight it the more numbers you have on your keno ticket. The best chances you have if you choose 8 to 10 numbers.