Latest Promotions

The explanation would take too long, but we will limit ourselves to illustrate just one of the many advantages they bring the bettor to prefer online play than the real one, or the ability to receive great bonuses. There is no online casino that does not offer this form of gain free access to its customers, although it must be noted that each casino is regulated independently. What does this mean.

You might find the online casino that promise to double or triple the amount you paid for your first deposit, or online casinos prefer to give you a bonus as a percentage. In any case, however, all the online poker rooms allow you to start in the best way your adventure, giving a special welcome bonus.

Then there are loyalty bonuses, reserved for those who show that they appreciate the product and will return to visit the casino rooms online. Even here every casino chooses to reward its customers with a number that can vary: it's up to you to seek the best bargains. But not enough. Not all online casinos do, but some prefer to be paid in a certain way and recommend certain deposit methods.

It is understood that you can choose the system you prefer, but in case you want to follow the advice of the online casino, you know that you can count on a bonus (usually 15%). So far we have outlined the most common bonuses to play and win at the casino tables online, but there are also special promotions, adopted by some virtual casinos.  These are known as "no deposit bonus" that allow you to play at the online casino without necessarily subscribe to. In this case, the online casino will offer you a certain amount (100, 200, 500 euro) to play in their own rooms, to have fun in a totally free. Be careful though, because you will have a time limit to try to try your luck at the end of which all winnings will be credited to the deposit account, while in the case of capital loss you will not be asked to repay.