Online Baccarat

The game of baccarat has always been considered a "classic casino" which, after the introduction of online casino AIMS, is experiencing a great deal of success on the network, as it is chosen by many fans of the game of chance.

Who does not know much of the online casino world, often at first glance, consider a bit 'complicated this game the outcome of which, however, is very simple. As with any game, there are rules that must be known before you start playing for real money betting. Now let's see how it works with this card game.

The online gambling is a widespread phenomenon, as the player, at any time and in any place (thanks to the spread of casinos in "mobile" version) can run comfortably their play. We recommend, especially to those who are beginners, to choose only platforms for the online gambling AIMS, the only network to ensure the safety and reliability of 100%.

Their payout is around 95%, so the winnings are real and very frequent, and the possibility of being able to achieve increased thanks to the excellent bonuses that are assigned to different groups of users.

Baccarat rules are very simple: the game provides the player's participation, school and other people who sit at the same table. The maximum number of players that can participate is 14, which may choose to bet on the player or on who owns the house. The goal is to ensure that the player can receive a score of 9 or as close to it a lot. If you get a higher score, the player loses the hand. In the event that both the player and the dealer should exceed a score of 9, 10 points will be taken to the aggregate. Now let's see what is the value of the cards to play Baccarat. The ace is worth 1, the cards from 2 to 9 keep their face value, and face cards count as zero 10.