Slot Machines In 7 Rolls

As we have repeatedly stressed, the first 3 reel slot machine was invented by Frey back in 1899. Since that time, in over a century, the road they have been so many and we can say that it was also very, very long, as it took us up to the online casino of our day, which before seemed a real utopia, impossible by definition. Who would have thought that one day you would be able to play those beloved slot machines even while sitting in a chair, without going anywhere? However, the way in which we speak is not always linear and downhill, but it is to be noted that during all this time have appeared many innovations, such as, for example, 3 reel slots online , a 5 reel and, a period much more recent, even at 7 rollers.

We try to reconstruct the road that we're talking about and we note that the ' T he ??one-armed bandit 'Frey, the Liberty Bell , through the video slot machine until the various video poker , the slot without pay lines and those multi - players have gone over 100 years, but the popularity of slot machines continues to increase unabated and without, above all, crisis and declines. This suggests that it is a very successful and much loved by all those who love the world of gambling. Whether, then, of slot machine 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or even 40 paylines , there is always a common factor: online slots are extremely sought to casinos, because they entertain players and more, pay them often!

When a type of slot machines become more popular than others, it is because they are made ??of the novelties. That's why online slots to 7 rolls are so popular because they are a novelty in the online casinos and sites that already offer are still few. We are confident that the situation will change soon, because these machines are the future, and for that we speak in detail of this juicy news. Start by saying that those who know this type of slot machine, defines a slot for large bettors or so-called 'whale', and this for the fact that this type of slot can bet without any problem up to 80 90 € per spin.


If you can look too, we tell you that, like everything else, we can not use and abuse you have to play in moderation, generally, a slot 7 rollers has 3 paylines and features bonus rounds, free spins, wilds and scatters , etc. It is, then, a car truly unique. About him we can still say much and emphasized that the online slots to 7 rolls is often used for slot tournaments online and can also be managed with the autoplay option, thanks to which you do not have to do anything else you expect to win yet another round. Interesting, is not it? But there is much more.