Wheel Of Fortune

As in the real casinos, the roulette game in the online version in a short time has become one of the favorite games of online casino goers. And to the delight of the Italians is also available in the online casino AIMS. Participate in a round of roulette in online casinos is very simple rules to follow are based exactly on those existing in real casinos.

A special button set in motion the spinning wheel consists of 37 slots numbered and alternately colored red or black, as well as the zero, green in color, characteristic of the online European roulette and French roulette. The ball thrown by decreeing the fate of bettors, who have completed their bets at the table.

The episode is more profitable on a single number, but you can also bet on odd or even numbers, red or black, on groups of numbers of columns or rows. At any time you can choose to collect your winnings to be paid according to the bets made. The payments correspond to those distributed by land and roulette are credited instantly and in the manner prescribed by the online casino.

The roulette will soon be available at mobile casino. But what is mobile casino, It means that you can play roulette mobile casino chosen through various mobile devices, not just from their home PC or laptop.

Online casinos dealers AIMS does not currently offer the possibility of mobile casino, but it is a matter of time and will soon be possible to play roulette on the siphoned and all mobile devices currently on the market including tablet. The Roulette is a game for everyone, there is no more gap between the players and the green table, just a few clicks to experience the excitement and experience the thrills that only the game of Roulette online can unleash.